The Design-Build Approach
To Construction

Complete Your New Facility Faster and Easier Using T-A-H Construction As Your Single Source For Design-Build Contracting.

Working with T-A-H Construction gives you a single source for all your facility needs. 

We can combine design and build functions by working directly with a project design team to maximize communication, minimize confusion and put your entire project on the fast track to completion


It is simply the fastest, most efficient, most cost-effective building process you can use. With T-A-H Construction as your single source,
you get ten remarkable advantages:
  1. Project Cost Established Sooner
  2. Less Time
  3. More Innovative Solutions
  4. Greater Control
  5. Single Source Responsibility
  6. Team Effort
  7. More Experience
  8. Unequaled Quality
  9. Fewer Changes
  10. Improved Risk Management


Put T-A-H Construction to work on your next project.
You'll appreciate the advantages.

Using T-A-H Construction as your single source gives you the benefit of our accumulated experience along with the expertise of a project design team. 

It's a comprehensive package of building services, all from one easy source.


T-A-H will work in partnership with you and the project design team to produce innovative solutions, cut costs and build more efficiently.

With traditional methods,
communication is complicated and time is wasted.

With T-A-H Construction,
there's a quick, single source for
all communication and responsibilty.

T-A-H Construction, Inc.

T-A-H Construction, Inc.
P.O. Box 4035
480 Running Pump Rd.
Lancaster PA 17604



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