Irvin L. Huber, Secretary-Tresasurer (left)

Theodore M. Ayres, Sr., Vice President (right)

Henry J. Toews, President (center)


We have been serving the Central Pennsylvania Area

 with quality workmanship for over 45 years!

Now in its second generation of service, T-A-H Construction was founded in 1964 with a mandate to serve the construction industry with unique engineering capabilities.  The T-A-H reputation continued to grow as they became known as the builders with engineering "know-how".  Clients returned time and time again to build manufacturing plants, warehouses, stores, bakeries, foundries, offices, churches, fire stations, restaurants, water and waste treatment plants, and much more.

T-A-H Construction was originally incorporated in 1964 as Toews, Ayres & Huber, Inc. by Henry J. Toews, Theodore M. Ayres, and Irvin L. Huber.  Henry's son, Jacob H. Toews, semi-retired, became Chairman of the Board.  Irvin's son, Kenneth I. Huber, became President and Business Development Director.  Other officers include Ronald E. Rice, Vice President, Operations, and Krista R. Miller, Office Manager and Secretary/Treasurer.

T-A-H Construction can manage all phases of the project development process from conception to completion.  The "hands-on" approach by T-A-H principals gives every client access to years of construction expertise.  T-A-H can provide clients pre-engineered building systems from Butler Manufacturing and is a member of the Associated Builders and Contractors and Lancaster Chamber of Commerce.

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